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07. Will COVID19 Change Our Lives Forever Episode 7

07. Will COVID19 Change Our Lives Forever

COVID19 changed everything overnight. Businesses must adjust to new methods of work, entertainment, and sports. Seek help from organizations that are changing outdated models of business. Don’t let the virus shut everything you worked for.

· 24:45

Did you plan scenarios like COVID19 in your business strategy? 1:56
A Black Swan Effect  2:38
Planning for a catastrophic event 4:26
COVID19 Canceling speaking engagements and ripple effect throughout the entire industry.6:18 
Virtual conference. It's a reasonable alternative. 09:01
Bankarshub - a good example of online innovation. 11:29
Don’t let the virus leave your organization on the sidelines. 12:20
Concerts and sports events canceled, but here is an alternative. 13:03
The innovation brought by Streamers and eSports *** 15:56
SoftGiving.com Charitable giving and online Galas 17:32
Silver lining to COVID19:  outdated models of business 20:10
Don’t let this wave of inactivity damage your business, get in touch with experienced innovators 23:00


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