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41. Achieving the Innovation Mindset Episode 41

41. Achieving the Innovation Mindset

· 19:40

 Implementing an innovation mindset into your business is crucial for its future success. Building the foundation for this may be a harrowing task, but the steps in this quick start guide are a great place to begin. There must be a desire and commitment to building a culture of innovation from all levels of leadership that is backed by actionable processes. Integrate these values into regular communications within the workplace and support innovative ideas with encouraging facilitation and incentives. Make innovation a mission-critical value in your business and transform your workforce into inspired problem-solvers! 

👔 David summarizes the talk he held at the FNBB Summer Conference. 01:12
👉 The precursors of the four steps to making innovation a reality. 02:16
🩸 No#1 Desire: innovation must be significant enough for you to put blood and treasure on the line. 04:21
💪 No#2 Action: focus on education and modelling behavior. 06:21
🏅 No#3 Support: motivation and incentives are key. 09:15
🛑 No#4 Remove barriers: stop limiting innovation and ideas. 10:29
🏦 FNBB has made great strides in how they view innovation. 14:01
📋 A quick start guide to start with innovation: figure out how to change your organization into one driven by innovation growth. 15:12

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