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Who Owns the Virtual Branch – Part 2 Episode 48

Who Owns the Virtual Branch – Part 2

· 06:23

 Having the right leadership in place for your digital channels is extremely important. If you want your branch to have long-lasting success, it's time to find leaders who will bring your virtual branch up to the same level as your physical branch. A successful future needs innovative and open-minded leadership that is ready to push the strategic vision for your virtual branch forward and treat it with the same level of scrutiny as a physical branch.

Show notes:
✅ 9 key points about virtual branches in banking that sum up Pinkston's article and the previous podcast episode. 01:14
👉 Vendors should be held accountable for the systems they deploy: a virtual branch senior executives should regularly communicate with all relevant vendors to discuss product roadmaps, suggest enhancements, and actively participate in user groups. 02:25
🔵 A senior executive of the virtual branch should have specific attributes and an open and innovative mind. 03:37
🫵 Bankers, own it! 05:13
 The article by Jessica Pinkston: “Who Owns Digital? Ugh, That’s the Problem for Bankers” 
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