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09. Getting Innovation Started Episode 9

09. Getting Innovation Started

There are many who have a desire to be more creative and innovative. There are barriers to beginning and there is no guarantee that you will be rewarded for your efforts. This week I'm talking about how to start innovating, what are the three innovation categories and how to nurture innovation to make a tangible difference for you and for your organization

· 23:11


✅ A good example of getting creative to problem solve. 01:16
👉 "Creativity is going to get us all through this." 04:05
🤔 How can I get innovation started at my organization? 04:26
 🏼Immediately fall back into the numbing routine. 06:28
3️⃣ Three innovation categories. 08.34 
🌟 Express ideas clearly: boosting speaking ability with Toastmasters. 12:09

🪁Forgiveness is easier to get than permission. 13:38
 🫣 If you are blocking others in innovation: Stand aside. 15:23
 ⚠️ Encourage and harvest all ideas, even if not all of them are winners. 16.55

🥅 What should innovators try to accomplish? 17:55

🧐 Don't punish the ones who are trying to innovate. 19:20 
📋 Make innovation a part of the employees' annual review process.
✨ Be the spark of innovation. 21:10



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