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10. An IDG interview with Wayne Miller, Executive director of Venture Center Episode 10

10. An IDG interview with Wayne Miller, Executive director of Venture Center

Summary: David's guest today is Wayne Miller, an experienced innovator and executive director of Venture Center. The Venture Center is an entrepreneurial resource center. where the technology and entrepreneurial communities come together to learn and connect. ThinkTech Accelerator Program is a fintech program Venture Center has developed with the aim of helping community banks to directly engage and partner with early-stage fintech companies focusing exclusively on product development and innovation.

· 42:00

Welcome, Wayne Miller. 1:30
The core concerns every business needs to do well. 4:39
­čĄŁThe Venture Center: supporting the entrepreneurial community in the state of Arkansas and beyond. 8:00
Collaboration with universities, technical schools, and other corporations. 10:02
What are ICBA and FIS?
Venture Center is working very closely to find business leaders and companies for FIS. 13:20
Accelerator Program - How it helps startups? 20:20
Venture Center success stories. 24:50
Future of innovation in financial services. 25:30
Future of community banks: innovation implementation of High touch and Hitech.  27:48
Getting beyond the curriculum: Student Education Entrepreneur Collective (SEEC) 33:11
Fulfilling the gap between startup enthusiasm and business wisdom.   35:29
The challenges of being an entrepreneur: Wayne's advice to innovators in financial services: 37:53
Contact Wayne:wayne@venturecenter.co and  https://www.venturecenter.co/   


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