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12. An IDG Discussion with Binna Kim Episode 12

12. An IDG Discussion with Binna Kim

Today Davids' guest is Binna Kim, the president and co-founder of Vested Communications. As an expert communications consultant, she worked with financial service brands and major tech companies. She explains what being channel agnostic means, discusses how the current crisis will change marketing and PR. She and David have an in-depth discussion on how personalized data, algorithms, and innovation is impacting her industry.

· 46:14

🔀 Marketing and PR may not overlap. Being channel-agnostic. 02:42

❄️ "We are used to personalization." 04:49

😷The Covid-19 crisis impacted the ways we interact with brands. 09:43

💣 How to tailor a message that will not be offensive to anybody? 13:58

 ⏰ Algorithms and recommendations. How they save time.  21:25

🏅 Innovations in the financial industry. Behind the scenes. 27:46

🛍️ B2B vs. B2C and factors that influence customers' decisions. 30:57

✨ Importance of representation and diversity in marketing. 34:47

🌱 Young millennials and Gen Z people are natural digital communicators and marketers. 40:41

👩 Find Binna on Twitter https://twitter.com/binnaskim, LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/binnak/ and learn more about Vested https://fullyvested.com/ 44:55  


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