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11. Finding Innovation All-Around You Episode 11

11. Finding Innovation All-Around You

In this episode, we examine how opportunity and necessity intersect and provide a chance for sparking innovation. What is your attitude towards innovation during the pandemic months? Do you see innovative young people around you and do you know you can help them flourish? Listen to the few amazing examples of innovation sparks.

· 20:44

🦠 Public activities during COVID-19 01:32
👏Kudos to the City of Montgomery: Innovative 4th of July parade. 2:24
⚽Innovation from Argentina: human foosball. 5:36
🙌Don't be afraid: find the intersection of necessity and opportunity. 8:40
👦My grandson's creation and working "with a purpose". 11:11 
🌷When a young person shows any creativity, encourage it, and let it flourish! 14:06
😲Kelvin Doe aka DJ Focus - a 15-year old innovator. 16:08
🌱David Senge's ongoing program for young innovators. 17:36
💥Be the spark that sets innovative fire. 19:29
🔗Connect https://davidpeterson.com/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/dlpspeaks

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