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16. IDG Interview with Ryan Green, CEO of Gridwise Episode 16

16. IDG Interview with Ryan Green, CEO of Gridwise

David's guest today is Ryan Green, the CEO of Gridwise. Ryan shares his story on innovation within a gig economy and his path in creating an app for supporting ride-share and delivery drivers by helping them maximize their income.

· 50:39

πŸ›« Ryan is an ex-naval flight officer and after the military, he started working in the banking niche. 1:01 
πŸš– Driving for Uber and Lyft after the military was an amazing experience in gig working and gig economy for Ryan. 3:03
πŸ’΅ Gridwise app is focusing on the ride-share and delivery area of the gig economy by helping drivers boost their profits. 4:34
πŸ™ƒ When Ryan worked as a gig driver, he realized that the core problem is in the fragmentation and inaccessibility of key data drivers need to have. 09:08
πŸ‘¦ Ryan was intrigued with sales from a young age, and he continued with his entrepreneurial ideas in sixth grade too. 12:27
✨ What can you do to affect the young population and spark innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in them?  14:03
πŸ“± How GridWise was made, and how the app succeeds to answer all needs drivers have. 18:13
πŸ˜‡ Gridwise app helps, even with estimated tax deductions for drivers, and it is free. 24:06
πŸ›£οΈ Marketing for the app started from personal advertising all the way to digital advertising channels. 29:01  
πŸ“Š Harvesting metadata and analytics from the app are valuable for other stakeholders but also a significant source of new revenue income. 30:53
πŸ“… About the future of gig drivers. 35:14
πŸ’² Gridwise will help drivers earn more profit directly from their platform in the future. 37:40
πŸ“ˆ In five years from now, Ryan plans to add more insurance products, financial services, income protection, phone protection, in healthcare and other benefits to his app. 39:04
πŸ”₯ Ryan's advice for future entrepreneurs. 45:30
✌️ Do not forget to tip service drivers in these hard times and mention Gridwise to help them even more. 49:07 

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