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20. IDG interview Kevin Sasser Director of Sales and Marketing in ArgosRisk Episode 20

20. IDG interview Kevin Sasser Director of Sales and Marketing in ArgosRisk

Today's guest is Kevin Sasser. He is a Director of Sales and Marketing at ArgosRisk-- a company that is innovating the identification and reporting of businesses. Kevin believes the entire business ecosystem is interconnected. And for many businesses, it is critical to know all about what's going on downstream with their best customers, as well as upstream with their suppliers. Argos Risk provides those data on daily basis and has many innovative features for its clients. Kevin enhances that is the most critical area of an operation of a business is articulating best practices around third-party risk. He has some great takeaways, so join us in conversation.

· 52:59

😊 Kevin's background and the story about a bad hire day. 02:23
🀯 Making innovative culture interesting: Putting bank regulations in a song "No sleep till Brooklyn, by the Beastie Boys". 05:11
🧐 Consumers are coming to the salesperson more educated about products and services than 20 years ago. 08:06
πŸ”¬ Sales professionals now have to know all about the industry, research trends globally, and expand their knowledge base a lot.  09:56
πŸ˜… ArgosRisk technology solutions for B2B credit risk management, enabling companies of all sizes to proactively manage and monitor risk. 11:50
πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ ArgosRisk and daily third-party vetting - checking out on another business. 14:14
🩹 China syndrome and having only a yearly report of your business partners. 16:23
πŸ‘ Having a daily financial report of business partners during pandemic helped ArgosRisk's clients so much.19:02
🎯 How innovation is played out in ArgosRisk evolving? 27:12
πŸ€– The level of insights that allow businesses to make more informed decisions on who to do business with will expand in the future. 32:42
πŸͺ‘ Allowing people to use your products, data, and services, tailored is pretty important.40:09
⚠️ Every kid coming out of college is should read the book Innovator's dilemma 43:28
😎 Looking for ideas on how to innovate? Learn from professionals and join product camp.org
🀩Three nuggets Kevin shares. 46:56
πŸ™ƒ Gold Leaf's library of funny innovative videos. 49:09

πŸ˜‡ www.argosrisk.com
πŸŽ₯"The China Syndrome" film - www.imdb.com/title/tt0078966

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πŸ’₯ david@davidpeterson.com
πŸ“– David’s book Grounded - www.davidpeterson.com/book/grounded


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