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19. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – Part 2 with Linda Baskin Episode 19

19. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – Part 2 with Linda Baskin

Today David is examining a couple of options related to innovation. One is a flash of inspiration, the true genius that just spontaneously happens. And second is an experimental, iterative innovation. David is going to tie all this together with the art world and help you, the innovator answer the question: Are you Picasso, or Cézanne? David will also have the help of his guest, Linda Baskin, who is an emerging artist and artistic director of Bodazza Studios.

· 46:11

🎸David played background music for Linda Baskin’s art show in Dayton. 01:14
🖼️ Stepping out of the comfort zone: Linda's paintings had a theme and the show had its own concept. 04:52
🎯 Professional artist and professional musician. 07:39
🙋‍♂️ Welcome, Linda! 09:12
🎨 The Radical Acceptance art show was about acknowledging the hard times in life but also good, joyful things. 11:29
😃 Linda decided to start painting just 18 months ago. 15:36
🌸 One more example of Linda's stepping way out of her stepping zone. 18:04
🌞 Not knowing everything is the most important to step out of the comfort zone. 22:18
🖌️ Painting 'Faces' was the only painting at the show that was not for sale. 25:01
🧪 Linda's formula for creating a great product. 28:53
🤓 The difference between innovation in a flash or an inspiration of genius, and experimental or interpretive innovation. 35:19
🤩 Cézanne an experimental painter vs. Picasso's flash of inspiration 38:40
🖍️ Linda is Picasso.  43:03
🔥 Be a Picasso or a Cézanne, just don't give up. 43:43
Painting 'Faces': https://postimg.cc/RN9Nf63n

Bodazza Studios

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Connect with David: david@davidpeterson.com
Linda Baskin painting: https://prnt.sc/1017orl
Link to David’s book Grounded - https://davidpeterson.com/book/grounded/


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