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22. Six Reasons You Should Innovate Episode 22

22. Six Reasons You Should Innovate

We’ve always said children are the future. We weren’t wrong, but yesterday’s kids are now adults who have a say in where they bank. As a Chief Innovation Officer, David Peterson shares amazing insight on why innovation today is the key to lasting success. Customer demographics are changing, and if you don’t adapt to their needs and wants, you’re going to get left in the dust. Listen to hear six reasons why you should innovate.

· 09:53

👉 David became a Chief Innovation Officer of FNBB: he started with 10 innovation workshops. 00:48
🧑‍💻 Change in demographics: millennials and Gen Z's have unique banking needs. 01:49
🧐 What are the benefits of innovation? 02:38
🤩 6 reasons you should innovate. 3:07
⚡ New business potential energy in the company. 03:12
📈 Innovation will enable the growth of your business. 04:00
💪 Innovation will make your company more efficient. 04:53
🌟 Innovation will help you create an innovative brand. 05:24
💲 Innovation will help your company in attracting more customers. 06:01
👔 Innovation will help your company in attracting a better workforce. 06:42
🧠 Think about the challenges organizations might face in the coming years. 07:29

Connect with David: www.linkedin.com/in/dlpspeaks


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