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23. The Importance of Strategically Framing Fees Episode 23

23. The Importance of Strategically Framing Fees

Do you like paying fees? Of course not. No one does. Today, David is breaking down why we hate bank fees so much. All consumers are opposed to the idea of fees until you remind them that a fee is the price they pay for services rendered. With ATM fees, customers are paying a fee for the convenience of having access to funds at a non-bank location. If you drive home the value of the service provided, the fee makes sense to all customers.

· 09:36

😤 Thinking about banking as a dry-cleaner shop: no one complains about fees at the dry-cleaners. 01:13
🔔 Bankers failed to show the value of the services they provide to customers. 2:50
🆓 Banking services and word free were used together for years. 3:47
🎯 How do you drive the story of value to your customers? 05:46
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