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26. The Great Resignation Episode 26

26. The Great Resignation

You've all heard of millennials and the great resignation. Some are alarmed by the “mass exodus” and “quiet quitting” that’s happening around them. Business owners should be taking the great resignation as a sign that things have to change. Enthusiasm cannot be taught, but it can be caught.

· 18:04

🕵️‍♂️ Always be looking for places where you can learn about what's going on in your business. 00:57
😷 The customer can be adequately served while working remotely: COVID pandemic forced financial institutions to shut down all of their branches. 01:14
😕 Intangible skills sometimes make employees excellent candidates: the workforce is unprepared for changes in the future. 02:27
☀️ Moving from transactions to engagement: having younger employees, having engagement activities. 04:24
✨ Get the right people on your team: people who possess humility, hunger, and smarts. 06:00
🏦 Worked in a daycare facility but was hired in a bank? 08:30
👉 Enthusiasm cannot be taught, but it can be caught: retaining a millennial in the workforce. 09:36
💎 What makes younger millennials and Gen Z's think so differently: a few tips to Baby Boomers. 11:27
🙌 Tips to Gen X’ers leaders: how do you feel about tattoos? 13:05
😎 Key Advice To Millennials / Gen Zs: the label on your generation. 13:46
▶️ We all can learn from each other but it will take a few years, so let’s start right away. 16:21

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