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28. Education is Fundamental – But Don’t Leave Out the Fun Episode 28

28. Education is Fundamental – But Don’t Leave Out the Fun

Much like your former kindergarten teacher, I’m here to tell you that learning can be fun! Continuing education in the financial industry is key to staying ahead of the curve, but how can we teach without putting our audience to sleep? Tune in to hear some tips and tricks on how to make your presentations and trainings more engaging and fun.

· 14:15

😒 Presentations in the financial services industry are just kind of - boring. 01:41
👍 Spice up the class - "Four horsemen educating" - fun and high quality. 02:42
💲 When teaching in person, use dollar bills from your pocket. 05:21
🤡 Self-deprecating humor makes the whole mood lighter. 06:37
😹 Humor often comes in 3 parts where the last one doesn't fit in. 07:27
✅ Irony works. 08:26
👨‍🏫 The presentation should have more engaging content, especially for younger generations. 09:31
🖱️ Company Lemonade LXP provides engaging education to frontline staff that empowers them to be better sales advocates for banking services. 10:36
🎮 Gamification is huge in meeting your internal education goals. 11:43

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