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34. Encourage Thinking To Enable Innovation Episode 34

34. Encourage Thinking To Enable Innovation

Building a culture of innovation in your workplace is essential. Thinking tends to be a discouraged activity in the workplace, and maybe understandably so since being engaged in creative thought can look an awful lot like slacking off. Innovation within your business requires creativity and thought, so building dedicated spaces for thinking and brainstorming can promote these activities. Change starts with leadership, so it’s important to avoid using discouraging behavior such as reacting negatively to ideas, even if they seem crazy. Make thinking a valued activity in your workplace!

· 12:07

🥳 The Thinking Room is a place for brainstorming, interaction, and having fun: innovation is creativity expressed, manufactured, and consumed. 00:52
✅ There is no innovation and creativity without failure. 05:14
💡 Innovation starts with creativity, and creativity requires lots and lots of ideas. 08:36
🧑‍💼 Suggestions for senior leaders on how to break barriers and encourage a free flow of ideas. 09:40

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