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33. What To Do With Failed Glue? Episode 33

33. What To Do With Failed Glue?

A failure in innovation can still lead to success. Sometimes when you are on the road to a successful innovation it is possible to create accidental successes along the way. An innovation that didn’t meet the requirements for one project may be a “eureka moment” for another one even years later. Try to encourage even the craziest ideas to be shared and advocated for within your business, because a network of people with individual problems and potential solutions can lead to the next million-dollar market opportunity. Celebrate today’s failures to increase your opportunities for future success!

· 14:51

🧑‍🔬 A story about a classic failure. 00:59
💡 The weak glue had a commercial value - the birth of the post-it notes. 03:02
✅ Success was born out of failure - the value was unrelated to the original purpose. 07:42
🎯 How willing are you to allow your staff to experience failure? 09:51
🤓 Are you encouraging employees to think of and articulate ideas, even crazy and failed ones? 11:11
🕰️ Your eureka moment might be years down the road. 12:45

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