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38. Your Advertising Budget – Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth? Episode 38

38. Your Advertising Budget – Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

· 13:06

Employ modern digital marketing techniques to ensure your advertising budget reaches your target audience. Banking is a highly competitive industry, so banks must aggressively pursue new customers with great precision. 

It’s time to revisit your marketing budgets and allocate funds toward targeting the new generation of prospective customers in the digital world. Utilizing services and marketing strategies that find and target new customers with engaging story-based media and curated articles is the key to modern advertising.

Spend your money wisely in the places your future customers are reading and listening!

🏦 Today's financial institutions are in a very competitive environment, but is your marketing money being targeted adequately? 00:52
📻 Many FI’s do advertising through “advocacy”: the typical nonadvocacy advertising activities are billboards, bus stops, benches, or other types of signage - newspaper, radio, television, direct mail, email, and social media. 02:30
📱 Digital tools access data and target information to those most likely to seek it. 04:14
🙂 Curated articles and storytelling evoke a strong response: Millennials and Gen Z are motivated by emotion. 06:15
✅ You can hire professional writers that work across various areas of expertise: the response rate is significantly higher than traditional advertising. 09:01
🎯 Spend advertising dollars on the specific areas where potential clients will be reading and listening. 11:11

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