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37. What do you do? – And How Bankers Should Answer That Question Episode 37

37. What do you do? – And How Bankers Should Answer That Question

· 12:19

It’s time to change public opinion on the role of a banker. It’s no secret that the role of bankers is largely underappreciated and seen as an unexciting career. The truth is that bankers perform an essential service for people and their businesses. We can work to shift the paradigm by highlighting the importance of banking in our business language and shamelessly recognizing ourselves as facilitators of hopes and dreams. Emphasize your value and help change the narrative on banking!

🏦 The general public doesn't appreciate bankers: a little thought exercise for bankers or similarly undervalued positions. 00:57
🔶 Financial institutions can change a stale narrative: bankers assist with achieving people's goals and dreams. 03:41
✅ Behind each & every transaction is a goal or a dream: there are numerous ways that bankers assist consumers, businesses, and nonprofits in the area they serve. 06:46
💡 What if your Facebook posts start to highlight stories of customers who achieved a goal or a dream with the assistance of your organization? 09:18
🎉 Over time, we can have more informational and interesting conversations at parties. 10:33

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