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43. What Does “Think Outside the Box” Mean? Episode 43

43. What Does “Think Outside the Box” Mean?

· 12:06

Thinking outside the box is essential for cultivating innovation in the workplace, and sometimes the craziest ideas can lead to the best results. When we can escape the limitations that we often think with, it can lead to profoundly creative solutions. Exercise your ability to think outside the box and produce ideas in great volume to achieve success!

📤 Thinking outside the box is to explore ideas that are creative, unusual, and not limited or controlled by rules or tradition. 01:22
🧩 We assume the solution to the puzzle is contained inside the box: there is no box. 03:48
🧠 The key to the puzzle is overriding our brains' tendency to be constrained to predetermined boundaries. 05:55
🧒 Put yourself in a mode of out-of-the-box thinking by changing your thinking space, getting a different perspective, and talking to kids - the most creative people on the planet. 06:58
📦 You can play thinking games and practice reverse brainstorming to step out of the thinking box. 08:10
📣 Getting creative is a volume exercise. 09:52
👍 If you have a question about creativity and innovation, reach out to David, and he will get back to you as soon as possible. 10:38

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