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Banking with Heart: Emotional Intelligence in Financial Decisions Episode 57

Banking with Heart: Emotional Intelligence in Financial Decisions

· 11:01

We often make decisions using our emotions, but financial decisions are more likely to be better and more useful if we make them by using our heads. Behavioral science and storytelling can help with crafting the right messages to customers that will regain their emotions and take good care of them in the financial world. How science can help in attracting and acquiring new customers?

😍 Are emotions important when making a decision? 01:01
🤓 How young people make decisions: emotions can be bad for banking decisions. 02:59
🤯 Younger customers are using alternative payment services: emojis as reasons to choose bank service. 03:26
🧠 Stories activate the brain: using storytelling to help your customers to make good financial decisions. 06:05
🎯 Marketing crafted based on behavioral science: affirmation and support that will appeal to clients.  08:20

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