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18. How Sun Can Help You Save Money on Your Utility Bills - with Aviv Shalgi Episode 18

18. How Sun Can Help You Save Money on Your Utility Bills - with Aviv Shalgi

Aviv Shalgi—a CEO of Solar Simplified has been thinking a lot about harnessing the power of solar and bringing it back to consumers by providing guaranteed discounts and negative amounts on power bills and credits. Aviv's startup has an innovative way of connecting local solar farms with people who want to promote and support renewable energy. Even he started his company at the pandemic peak, Aviv is a great example of how good ideas build revenues even in difficult situations.

· 44:21

😇 Aviv likes to wake up in the morning and try to solve a problem that nobody else is trying to solve.1:50
👦 He was inquisitive as a child and asked so many questions. 2:56
🌞 The idea behind Solar Simplified. 5:02
✅ Aviv was not in the solar business before, but he was drawn to it. 
🤝 Solar Simplified connects consumers with solar power plants (solar farms) 8:21
➗ Half of the countries in the US have deregulated markets where private companies are part of the market. 11:08
🔆 Even it is a young company Solar Simplified serves over 1000 households and growing in upstate New York.19:26
☀️ How Solar Simplified works? 20:21
💰 How to get a guaranteed discount on your energy bill? 21:33 
⭐ In recent Texas events, a megawatt per hour price increased about 500 times more than what it should be. 25:39
💡 The three major challenges in sharing the green wealth with society. 28:53
😎 Bill Maher issues with getting solar energy and how Solar Simplified would help in that case. 31:23
💚 Solar Simplified has an idea to be green and save money too as many people as possible in the future 5 years. 35:32
👍 Continue asking questions, continue to be curious, and learn what money is and how the system really works. 37:53
🖥️ Take a minute to sign up on a Solar Simplified site so we can spread our network and save you money. 41:48



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