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31. Need To Spark Innovation? Episode 31

31. Need To Spark Innovation?

Businesses need to grow in creativity and innovation to survive in the future. Most workplaces are built on a foundation of seriousness and professionalism, but it might be time to revisit that. Bringing a bit of fun into the corporate world could spark more creative, resourceful, and inventive mindsets. You don’t need to turn the workplace into a circus, even simple games can encourage the development of crucial team-building and strategic skills. Tap into your childlike creativity and add some fun to the workplace.

· 14:09

💡 Creativity sparks innovation & play promotes creativity. 01:10
👦 A good start is to remove barriers to fun: we learn when we have experiences that confound our expectations. 03:50
🎮 Some fun ideas: gamification of service, a big wheel for interest rates, play area for kids. 06:10
👌 Encourage strategic and innovative thinking, model the value of a cross-function team & do something fun: Quarto tournament is a great choice! 07:11
❗ The results - we are in charge of how we conduct our moves. 11:46

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