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32. An Examination of Process Innovation Episode 32

32. An Examination of Process Innovation

Stop resisting change and start embracing growth. Most businesses are anchored by established processes and procedures, but could they be more efficient? Innovation is too often thought of as a major undertaking and interruption to reliable strategies. The key is to start small and encourage employees to question established workflows and processes. Removing a tiny inefficiency can save 100s of hours of unnecessary work per year!

· 14:40

❗ Innovation eludes organization when: we are too busy, thinking is not valued, there's resistance to change, and it requires effort. 00:52
✅ We let artificial constructs about innovation limit our creativity: tackle bite-sized innovations and ideas: how employees can help. 02:45
✌️ Two ways to deal with inquisition: encourage employees to be inquisitive. 07:19
⏳ Save time by eliminating unneeded steps: how to take a fresh look at your processes and procedures.  11:37
💥 Encourage everyone to look for innovations & see the impact they can have on the gross margin.  13:15
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